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FIRST: The chapters of The Silver Cup, except for the prologue, will NOT be available for reading on my website after December 15, 2015. So if you’re still reading or haven’t yet started but you want to finish reading while it’s available for free on the website, you might want to move on that.

The reason for the change is a good one: I am progressing toward publication of what some of you would call a “real” book and getting close. More about that later.

SECOND: The blog will continue, but it will be different. It will definitely be related to The Silver Cup, and I hope you’ll want to keep reading it and that you’ll help me make it grow. I plan to post 2-3 times a week, which I know will be more manageable for some.

THIRD: There will be variety in the posts. LOOK for:

        • My reflections on comments readers made
        as they read The Silver Cup;

        • Reviews of books mentioned in The Silver
and of other resources;

        • Answers to readers’ questions, including
        Cheyenne’s story co-written by the two of us
        (by popular demand);

        • Guest blog posts;

        • "Inner Journeys"—stories of other people’s
        spiritual journeys will now appear in the
        blog instead of on a separate page.

FOURTH: A question for you, dear reader: What would you like to see here? What would you like to contribute? Do tell. PLEASE! Leave a comment!

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