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The front and back covers of To Drink from the Silver Cup are done. I have in hand the final proof and a week in which to proofread. I will be able to start selling copies in July, and the official release date will be in October. I’m starting to work on setting up local events and getting ready to do a book tour. Yes! Someday soon, I could be in a town near YOU!

Here’s the plan, which is already in motion. First: sell my house, so I don’t have to think about home maintenance and so I can purchase a home on wheels. THE HOUSE SOLD AFTER 5 DAYS ON THE MARKET! I am researching homes on wheels. If you have a good suggestion, I’d love to hear it.

I plan to reach out to cities and towns where I know people, and I’ve divided my tentative list into seven regions: Mountain States; West Coast USA and Canada; Southwest; Midwestern USA and Canada; South; East Coast. I’m hoping some of my friends—like you—will be able to help with arranging events in your area. Help could be as little as suggesting some venues and/or contacts, or as much as arranging the venue or publicity.

As for venues, I’m not thinking so much of bookstores because of the current their economics. I’m thinking more of places like
        • Community centers
        • Libraries
        • LGBTQ community centers
        • Places of worship
        • Senior centers
        • College campuses
        • Retreat centers
        • Private homes
        • YOUR IDEA HERE

This will not be just a tour to sell To Drink from the Silver Cup, though I hope to do that. Of course. Nor will it just be a tour of readings. I will offer some different options, such as:
        • Memoir writing workshops
        • Spiritual journey writing workshops
        • Readings
        • Readings with accompanying slide show
        • Book discussions
        • Sexuality and religion discussions
        • YOUR IDEA HERE

I’m thinking that the Southwest and West Coast will be first, due to weather considerations and that the Midwest and Midwestern Canada would come in the spring. However, there are already rumblings about a joint reading with another author at the University of Nebraska, Omaha in October, so that plan could change. I'm committed to going with the flow as much as possible. If I’ve left out your region, let me know; I’d love to add you in.

If you know me, and you live in one of these regions, you can expect to get a “Can You Help Me?” checklist sometime soon. I can’t wait to get started, can’t wait to see you, can’t wait to experience the reception that To Drink from the Silver Cup gets when it reaches people's hands.

And IDEAS! Tell me your ideas. Please. I'm open!

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