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I decided at breakfast this morning, Friday, July 15, 2016, that today is the official start of my DIY book tour—taking To Drink from the Silver Cup on the road. I decided it for a very simple reason: for the very first time, I ate a meal from the little camping dish set that I bought at REI Wednesday. Surrounded by empty cupboards, packed boxes, empty boxes, bubble wrap and cardboard sheets, I consumed a quarter of a cup of granola with honey Greek-style yogurt and toasted sunflower seeds, a slice of pineapple, and green tea. Made in Sweden, the Light My Fire dish set is like a little puzzle, very compact when put together and serving multiple uses—including tiny cutting board, strainer, a spork with a serrated edge, storage containers, and a small tumbler. Putting it back together was indeed a puzzle; thank goodness for YouTube, and the people who are oddly motivated to demonstrate their purchases.

My other dishes have been lovingly packed by Cheyenne. She generously gave up three days off to come down from Denver to help me, and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be finished by house-closing time if she hadn’t come. She spent the first day wrapping and boxing my considerable art collection. I gave her that job because she is an expert archivist. Besides packing, we got to laugh uncontrollably a few times, eat some delicious meals, and shop together at REI. Chey also got to visit with a few Albuquerque friends, and she introduced me to Parks and Rec, which is now in my binge-watching queue.

I have three days left to pack and organize what will go into my new home, the little Nissan NV200 that I will purchase the day after the house closes. Needless to say, things feel a little crazy right now, but I know it’s doable. How do I know? In part because this is the 65th move of my life, not counting college summer moves. Yep. That’s right. Sixty-five. This is possibly the most unusual, though, as I downsize from a three-bedroom-plus house to a van and a future one-bedroom apartment.

I’ve given myself the luxury of staying in a hotel for three nights, so I will have a staging space from which to organize the van. Closing is on Tuesday, and I will be chronicling my DIY book tour at this site for some time to come. Stay tuned, friends.

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