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When I came back from my last tour, I wrote that I was in transition. At the time, I thought the transition would mainly involve the next step in my writing--what to write next, how to work on getting existing material published, even whether I'd continue writing or not.

But there turns out to be more. I'm preparing for Move Number 66. To Narnia. What could be better than moving to live in Narnia? It is, however, a bit embarrassing to acknowledge the number 66. In fact, as I got ready to talk things over with my brother Rick, I felt compelled to ask him to promise not to laugh.

"What if I can't help it?" he said.

"Well, just promise not to make fun of me." He could do that, and he didn't even laugh. As it turns out, it is Rick's Earthship #1 that I will move into on October 1.

This isn't quite as precipitous as it might sound. Anyone who followed my blog, A Year of Standing Still knows that I've never been fond of Albuquerque. But when I went on tour, I left behind a faith community I'd grown to love at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church. I came back for them, and I will miss them very much. I settled in a neighborhood I do love in one of the oldest parts of Albuquerque, and I will miss it, too.

For a year I lived without a car. Then I bought an older car that made it possible to get out of town. But I hate driving in Albuquerque, and for the most part I don't. I hate the urban-ness of being here, and those feelings contribute to a feeling of being imprisoned. More and more I have longed to live surrounded by nature and fewer people–the way I have done it for so much of my life in places like Teec Nos Pos, Gallup, Watsonville, and La Jara.

So...Narnia? Really? I won't have to step through the wardrobe in Spare Oom, though I may have to buy a wardrobe. That's because of the nature of the walls in an earthship. Some of you may not know what an earthship is, and I will leave you in suspense until the next blog post (although there is this new thing called the Internet), due next week. But Narnia is the name of the lane on which my earthship stands (or cuddles into the earth). The road was named by my nephews and niece, lovers of the Chronicles, when they were young. Technically the place is in Gamerco, NM, slightly north of Gallup. Gamerco was a planned community founded as a mining town in 1920, the name being an amalgam of Gallup American Coal Company. Narnia lies across from the platted town and across from what was once unfortunately named NM Highway 666, now NM 491. The dwellings in this area are far apart and cradled among hills and mesas covered in piñon, juniper and sage–just right for me.

The just-rightness is confirmed by how the earthship became available and by the fact that I've hardly told anyone yet that I'm moving, and already I have more offers of moving help than I've had for any single move undertaken in the past. After 65 moves, that says a lot.


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