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To Drink from the Silver Cup Audio Book



Finally, after seven recording sessions, two trips to Santa Fe, editing, mixing, listening, correcting, and w-a-i-t-i-n-g–it's an audio book!


10 Reasons why you might want to order the audio version of To Drink from the Silver Cup:


1. You commute to work every day and need something engaging to listen to.


2. You're planning a road trip and love to listen to something stimulating while you drive.


3. Reading with your eyes is a challenge for whatever reason.


4. You just prefer listening to books rather than reading with your eyes.


5. It's read by me, the author, and everyone I talk to says that's the best–when the author reads her own work.


6. After readings many people have commented that hearing me read passages they've already read is a completely different experience–in a good way. So listening to the book will be a new experience.


7. You've read the book twice and can't wait to hear it (I know at least two people like this).


8. You want to give it someone who only listens to books.


9. You want to listen to it, and you want to support me, the author.


10. You don't usually listen to books because, like me, you like to read them with your eyes, but you still want to support me, the author.


11. Bonus reason: A teenager came to one of my readings. Afterwards she told her grandmother, "I could listen to her read even a technical manual for hours." True story.


I hope you will buy the audiobook and enjoy it to the full. Some people already have. To buy, click To Drink from the Silver Cup Audio Book. You can listen to the sample reading here, if you're not sure.

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