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Teec Nos Pos in the Navajo Nation

I've been posting some tidbits about the helpers I've seen in these times. There are businesses that are helping their employees and businesses helping health professionals and businesses stepping up to create ventilators and protective gear. Let us sing praises to the helpers everywhere.


Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX ) is the company that distributes the audio version of my book, To Drink from the Silver Cup to Audible, iTunes and Amazon. To help their authors, including me, during the pandemic they are increasing our royalties by an additional 5% during April, May, and June. 5% may not sound like much, but it will be if lots of people purchase audiobooks during this time.


John T. Price, memoirist, essayist, nature writer and creative writing professor at the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO), had this to say about the text version of To Drink from the Silver Cup: "From Navajo dwellings in New Mexico to Scandinavia to the evangelical Midwest, Anna Redsand's beautiful, heroic story is for anyone who has ever felt outcast from a community they love and tossed into the desert of doubt and despair. Here you will find spiritual hope embodied, and the promise that, no matter where we are lost, it is possible to find our way home to new communities of faith, compassion, healing, and belonging."


After he read the book and wrote that blurb, John heard me read at UNO, and afterwards he said, "Reading your book was wonderful, but hearing you read gave me a completely different experience of it."


So this post is a request for your help. If you haven't heard me read To Drink from the Silver Cup, now could be the time. Or if you know someone––anyone––who would enjoy hearing it, if you need something to listen to while you work out or go for walks, in the time of Corona, please consider helping me and buying the audio version. Add to my take, and support the workers at ACX, who are supporting their authors.


Go to the iTunes Store in the iTunes app on your phone or computer.


Or get the book on Audible at:



A grateful thank you in advance.

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