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A Guest Post
Wayne Dale Matthysse

I have been faced with death more than most people have… although I suppose numbers really don't matter. When someone you have loved is taken from you, there is an emptiness that is not easily filled and then there's that back-burner reminder that one day, you too must pass through that Veil of uncertainty.
I was always comforted by the fact that, as a Christian, I would eventually be resurrected when Jesus returned and be given a new body just like he was given… except I was a little concerned, because his new body still carried the scars of his crucifixion and, well… I had lost a finger at the age of ten, the vision in one eye from shrapnel at the age of 20, and at the age of 30 had my gallbladder removed. Plus, I have some scars from other minor surgeries and wounds that make me less than attractive, and I wondered if I would be happy throughout eternity living in the same body as I had here. The excess weight I have always tried to lose would also be a burden in Heaven, although without a Coca-Cola vending machine, perhaps I could lose some of it. Another question would also come to mind at times; of what age would my new body be and would I have a choice in deciding or would I just have to accept the body given to me?
These questions seem so childish now and the thought of having a resurrected body seems so utterly absurd to me. You see… I have now come to realize that death is not the end of Life, it is only the end of form. Life is formless and is Eternal and therefore cannot be destroyed. This now is my source of comfort… and knowing that there will be no period of waiting for eternity to start but rather just an awakening on the other side of the Veil, is something I can actually look forward to. The Essence of who I am, will not change… but the form I have been attached to will no longer be a burden.
The word FORM and the reflection on it has been brought to you by Wayne Dale Matthysse, a friend I've known longer than most. Wayne has been intimately acquainted with death as a medic in Vietnam and as the co-founder of an AIDS Hospice, now Wat Opot Children's Community in Takeo Province, Cambodia.


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