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Life with God: A Course for Growing a Spiritual Practice

Co-authored with Rev. Dr. Catherine Robinson. An interactive, eleven-week course whose goal is to establish or enrich a daily spiritual practice. Designed for groups, individuals, or spiritual companions, it uses stories from the authors' own lives, quotes from a wide range of spiritual sources, exercises, and additional resources, used to invite participants into the presence of the divine. The core practice emphasizes experiencing God's love in daily life. Life with God can be accompanied by the Life with God Leader's Guide which gives detailed instructions for group leaders.


May be purchased as a printable pdf at https://www.revcatherinerobinson.com/life-with-god for $10. 
















Ch. 1 Experiencing God

Ch. 2 What is Prayer?

Ch. 3 Experiencing God's Love

Ch. 4 Examen, Rejoicing, and Gratitude

Ch. 5 Prayer from the Heart and Embodiment in the Spiritual Life

Ch. 6 Listening for God in Nature

Ch. 7 Planning a Spiritual Practice

Ch. 8 Intercessory Prayer and Praying the Psalms

Ch. 9 Dark Times

Ch. 10 Imagination in the Spiritual Life

Ch. 11 Wrap-Up and Follow-Up