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News From Anna

THE STORY BASKET: On Counseling Children

"The Story Basket: On Counseling Children," has posted to my blog. You can read and comment at https://www.annaredsand. com/blog/posts/12924


And let it touch your heart. Think, too, of everyone working with children in this often difficult season.



A new entry, "Allyship/Co-conspiratorship," exploring what it takes to be an ally, what keeps us from it, and who decides who is an ally, has posted to my blog. You can read and comment at https://www.annaredsand. com/blog/posts/43670


We're in this together.



Diné alphabet card

I have a new memoir in the making, a collection of related essays written over a twenty-year period. These essays deal in various ways with my experience growing up in the fissure between Red and White worlds. A short new entry, introducing how I use language and how that usage relates to our post-colonial heritage, has posted to my blog. You can read it and comment at https://www.annaredsand.com/blog/posts/43655  See you there.


The circled building is the former White missionary kids' dorm

Dear Friend,


"Integration Controversy," an excerpt from my essay, "In and Out," published in 2016 in Isthmus, has posted to my blog. I was the first White student to integrate the previously segregated dorms at Rehoboth Mission. The link to the full essay includes stories from Diné (Navajo) friends, as well as other boarding school experiences of my own. You can read the blog post and comment at https://www.annaredsand.com/blog/posts/43644