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A guest post by Austin Schaffer, a genderqueer Jew, on their experience at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, has posted to my blog. "“Here I Am,” was what Austin Schaffer, who is a genderqueer Jew, needed to be able to say at the Western Wall in Jerusalem four years ago. ...As they wrote in commemoration of National Coming Out Day 2017, “For me ‘the closet’ is not a thing that I can just jump out of and say, ‘Here I am!’”

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"Being able to arrive at compromise may be the greatest personal growth opportunity in book publishing, the greatest opportunity to let go of ego demands, and also the greatest opportunity to champion oneself and one’s work—the paradoxical line between conceding and advocating."

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A new entry, "Book Publishing 101C," has posted to my blog. The third in a series of five, this introduces writers and would-be writers to some of the many publishing options available. Read and comment at

A new post, "BOOK PUBLISHING 101B" has posted. "Getting an agent can be just as difficult as getting a publisher, as agents today often serve as gatekeepers for publishers. In other words publishers..." Read more at

On October 9, 2017, I presented an introduction to book publishing to Jody Keisner’s University of Nebraska/Omaha graduate seminar—Publishing Creative Nonfiction—via Skype. I thought the information might be useful to others who hope to publish a book; thus, my next five blog entries will recap that presentation. Today: "Platform Building." Read, ask questions, and comment at