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News From Anna


A new entry, "Outfitting the RAV," has posted to my blog.


"Josiah helped me select a sheet of maple plywood that had been sanded on both sides and would require less hand sanding, so I'd only have to work the edges. I also had him cut some 2x2s. While he measured and remeasured and thought and cut, I went around the store picking up other things I needed: a new drill bit, sandpaper, screw eyes, a bucket that would fit my new toilet seat, Reflectix for making insulated privacy covers for..." Read and comment at


"Defiance," a guest post by Wayne Dale Matthysse, co-founder of Wat Opot Children's Community in Cambodia, has posted to my blog. It is about the moment of his first step away from the fundamentalist Christianity he was raised in. Read and comment at