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Reflections in the Silver Cup


Course Center in Haa, Sweden

I delivered the potato and carrot peelings into the compost bins at the back of the kitchen garden and started back with my empty bucket. Then I stopped and stood still to feel the change in the air. The angle of the sun had moved ever so slightly, and the air smelled different, cleaner, crisper, still warm, but not as warm. No leaves had changed color yet; it was early August, 1984, at the Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School in Haa, Southern Sweden. I knew, 'Autumn is here. Now. This day. Here near the top of Read More 

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Scene: Upper story, beautiful rammed earth house, Nacimiento Mountains, Regina, NM, 3:30 am, silence of night in the dark forest. And then: the deep-throated baying of Ninja the Bassett hound. Cranky, I struggled out of bed and down the stairs, thinking the old boy must need to pee. He ignored me and my silly questions, "Do you need to go out? Do you need to pee?" and continued to bark nonstop at the huge bay windows facing the woods. I turned on a light, which of course meant I could see nothing outside. I turned it back off and peered into the moonlit clearing and the trees beyond. Everything appeared to be as it should, but Ninja would not, indeed could not, stop barking. I trudged back upstairs, and around 4:15 I went back to sleep; he was still barking, and I have no idea when he stopped.

At 6 am, I got up, fixed Ninja's food bowl and also calico Portia's. After the 20 seconds it took the hound to inhale his food, he headed outdoors, barking all over again for the next Read More 

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