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Reflections in the Silver Cup


Gray waves sough gently, rocking to and fro. Then a form breaks the surface–a dolphin's graceful arc. Or it's the comical bounce of a jack rabbit's ears. The sea and the high desert–so like one another and yet so unlike. At first glance there is only the surface, no sign of life other than water or the rocking fronds of sagebrush. But beneath the surface these two vast bodies teem with life–in the ocean, fish of every kind and color imaginable and unimaginable, ocean mammals, crustaceans; in the desert, reptiles in their hideaways, burrowing insects and small mammals, coyotes, cottontails, horned toads, and blue-tailed racers sheltering beneath the saltbushes.

And so an Earthship, originating in  Read More 

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When I came back from my last tour, I wrote that I was in transition. At the time, I thought the transition would mainly involve the next step in my writing--what to write next, how to work on getting existing material published, even whether I'd continue writing or not.

But there turns out to be more. I'm preparing for Move Number 66. To Narnia. What could be better than Read More 

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