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98th Cottonwood Pass Campmeeting

Joining Facebook was like falling down a cozy rabbit hole. I loved finding out what my friends were doing and what was important to them. I loved reconnecting with friends I hadn't seen or heard from in years, and I loved making new friends. I loved hearing about events like the nostalgic one pictured here–a campmeeting that we went to every year when I was young. I loved posting photos and seeing friends' responses. I started getting a lot of my news on FB. I found out about social actions I could be part of. I used FB to make people aware of Read More 

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At ABQ Pride 2018, me at bottom left
When I was sixteen, I had a bad car accident that was my fault. To top it off, the Gallup Independent published a photo of the wrecked car with an accompanying story on the front page. Cuts around my swollen lips had to be stitched. I was, at the time, being systematically and severely bullied at school, and after the story in the paper those boys had even more to throw my way. And they did.

My father insisted, not unkindly, that I had to get right back on the horse (in this case into the driver’s seat of the car) and drive. He said if I waited, Read More 
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