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The Finding of the Silver Cup by Joseph's Brothers, fresco, St. Sophia Church, Macedonia, c. 1350

I started writing The Silver Cup in February, 2012, but it had a different working title then. I was calling it Longing for Home, which was pretty fitting, if somewhat cliché. I had felt that longing ever since I left my faith community behind. It was probably one reason that Thomas Wolfe’s writing meant so much to me—phrases like, “Oh lost and by the wind grieved” and “You can’t go home again.” I hoped I might be able to prove him wrong.

When I’d completed several chapters, I was out walking one day and listening to a rock station on Pandora. America’s song, “Lonely People” came on. As the group sang, I knew I had to change the title of my book. The story of my spiritual journey was so much about persistence, about not giving up until I could once again become part of a faith community, about no longer being one of the lonely people.

There were many reasons I chose to publish the book as a serial on my website. One was Read More 
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